Decisive Architectural Design Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it take to have a successful remodel experience?


A successful remodel experience is having a single point of reference where you as the first time home buyer, developer, investor or downsizing client can have the entire project visual in what will be done under the leadership of a experienced professional. Project documentation is what sets us apart from other companies. We provide everything to you upfront in writing with graphics, budgets, timelines and renderings so you know exactly what your getting for your hard earned money.


Most remodeling projects get off target when there are "too" many hands in the presentation, decision making and construction/trades process.  Having a single point of contact for communications, price control and timing is critical to a project coming in under budget and on time. We invest in getting to know your design style, understanding your needs and providing solutions through decisive and strategic planning.


How much should my project cost?


A successful project should also come in on or under budget which is controlled by a professional managing the labor, materials and original scope of the project. With these three constraints most remodeling project should be evaluated based upon current market selling conditions for your area. Kitchens and baths usually range from $70-125/sf based upon level of finishes selected and if utilities will need to be moved. Additions usually can be completed for around $120-170/sf again based upon approved construction drawings, interior finishes and city inspections. Basements are usually less time consumming since the walls and ceiling are structurally in place. A good range for basement finishing is between $55-90sf.


How long does a typical project take so I can plan for it?


It is our goal to minimize the distruption of a remodel project by streamlining the material purchases, having employees hand selected to do the actual scope per plans who know how important it is to clean up after themselves and providing each client a detailed schedule of events and milestones so they not only see the progress they can anticipate the conclusion as well. Most kitchen project that require a swap out of cabinets and counters takes 10 business days or less. Additions can be done as fast as 45 days based upon complexity of design and tie ins to existing utilities. Basements can be completed fully within 30 days after a contract is signed and design drawings are completed.