Decisive Architectural Design Solutions

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Senior/ADA Remodeling


Downsizing or Retiring soon and want to stay right where your at? 


Needing to adapt to ADA requirements in your existing familes home?


Aging parents need a place to live comfortably and still have freedom?



The following slide show is an example of what can be accomplished in creating a open space design within a tradition bungalow style home.  This update created the modern conveniences in space planning with the structural changes to allow for entertainment in multiple rooms on one level, "all within the confines of existing square footage."


ADA non-slip grab bars and adjustable shower heads add extreme safety and value to the 50+ customer base. 
ADA wheelchair accessible shower lips keep the 50+ customer from tripping and aid workers with ease of showering.
Free flowing areas combine luxury and utility with gas 3-sided fireplace, ADA height vanities, upgraded lighting, granite countertops and walk-in showers.